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OUR INTERN'S PERSPECTIVE: 7 Reasons Recent Graduates Should NEVER Live in Greenville, SC

Posted by: Ashley Young on Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Having recently graduated from Furman University and lived in Greenville for the past four years, I like to think that I know the city pretty well by now and can give an honest and unbiased outsider’s opinion on why recent graduates should NEVER live in Greenville, South Carolina.


7. Greenville has achieved more accolades than Adele has won Grammys over the past 5 years for its Southern charm and impressive atmosphere. Some of its most recent awards include Top 10 Best Places to Live in 2016, #2 Best City in America to Start a Business In, and #12 of 52 Places to Go (In the World) in 2017. We get it. It’s great. Please stop bragging now.


6. Greenville is one of the most pet-friendly cities in the country, with numerous dog parks, miles of walking trails, and accommodative outdoor seating at most of the restaurants on downtown Main Street. And I don’t know anyone who likes patroning a restaurant with a bunch of fluffy golden retriever puppies on its property…


5. For all of you nerds out there who like numbers and economics, Greenville has one of the fastest growing economies in the nation, growing 32.5% from 2000-2010 (i.e. when the rest of the country was in a recession). It also hosts some of the world’s largest international companies, such as Michelin, GE, and BMW, meaning they bring in the $$ (that’s code for big bucks). But that’s really not important to any recent graduate, right?


6. There is literally a different festival or event going on every single weekend in Greenville. If watching the Greenville Drive (the local baseball team) or the Swamp Rabbits (the local hockey team) doesn’t float your boat, Fall for Greenville, the Indie Craft Parade, Artisphere, Oktoberfest, or any other of the endless weekend events should do the trick. These events are sponsored by the hundreds of businesses sprouting up in Greenville and present great opportunities to advertise your business, products or services, or just to network. It all sounds terribly boring, doesn’t it?


3. There are ENDLESS unique restaurants all throughout the city. In the mood for Mediterranean food? The Lazy Goat is the place for you. Need a great place for a romantic dinner? Larkin’s On the River is sure to impress. Breakfast for lunch? Biscuit Head is great. Just want a quick post-work happy hour drink on a gorgeous rooftop with some live music? SIP Whiskey and Wine Bar is the place to be. There are tons of options that serve as a great place to network with other professionals in Greenville. Plus, they’re sure to impress your out-of-town clients or your boss when you’re up for that big promotion. I’m not sure about you but having that many options sounds like too much work.


2. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is an 18.7-mile multi-use trail system that runs along the Reedy River from Traveler’s Rest through the city of Greenville. It runs through the beautiful campus at Furman University (okay, I might be biased there…Go Dins!) and downtown, connecting you with many businesses along the way, such as the Swamp Rabbit Grocery, the Greenville Zoo, and the numerous shops and restaurants downtown. Walking? Biking? Nature? People? Gross.


1. And the #1 reason recent graduates should not live in Greenville, South Carolina is Falls Park and Main Street in downtown. Isn’t the view just disgusting? I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


*Disclaimer: In case there is confusion, this is meant to be an ironic post. Greenville is actually a really great place for recent graduates to live for all of the reasons mentioned above (minus the snarky comments) and I am proud to have called it my home for the past four years.


Ashley Young is the Greenville Chamber's
Business Advocacy Intern.




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