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Minority Business Accelerator Spotlight: MIX Salon Studios Owner Doris Haley

Posted by: Nika White on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Doris Haley, who has been a president and owner at Professional Healthcare Services, LLC since 1998, never stops to develop her business ideas. This year, she created a brand new chapter in a different business venture, MIX Salon Studios.

Doris’ idea for this business came to her as Doris and her daughter and nieces while traveling talked about creating a business they could run together. They have taken trips to explore possible opportunities, but for a while nothing was materializing into the launch of a business. Doris’ nieces always mentioned about the salon suites business model idea, and acknowledged that certain markets like Houston were saturated with the concept but knew the model would be successful in markets where the idea didn’t exist. “We love promoting entrepreneurship! This business model will give multiple health and beauty and professionals the opportunity to be entrepreneurs,” Doris explained.

A good business location is important and essential for an entrepreneur. “We provide a stylish and contemporary facility that is a great place for professionals to service their clients,” said Doris. She offers studios to hair stylists, barbers, aestheticians, massage therapist, nail technicians, makeup artists, eyebrow/eyelash artists, photographers and any other beauty or wellness professional that needs a space to run their business. In addition, each professional can set their own hours, decorate their own space, sell their services and products and make all the profits.

One thing that makes MIX unique from Doris’ competitors is rooted in the tagline "Where diversity and style MIX”. She delightfully expressed, “We are so blessed to have created an environment of a wonderfully diverse community of beauty professionals. We have the United Nations of salon suites. There is a fantastic exchange of business techniques, trade tips and great cooperative energy!”  

Doris’ greatest success as an entrepreneur is to continue her life of service through her business. Doris said that she has the opportunity to help people live healthier lives and encourage personal and workplace health and wellness. When we asked her about challenges or difficult circumstances she has faced while establishing MIX, she answered that they were challenged at every turn with the build out. Doris pointed out Greenville is on a building spree and with that, everyone is fighting for limited contractor resources. “We did the research and knew how much our project should cost to build out. We received inflated bids from contractors and honestly they didn't need our project because they were all busy. We decided to project manage ourselves, assemble our own team of subcontractors and get the project underway,” she interpreted. Now she is ready to take her business to the next stage because she believes that faith and God's grace brought them through the challenges.

Entrepreneurship is Doris’ passion.” Entrepreneurship is not easy, but it's so rewarding when it works!” She believes you should do what you love and to treat people with kindness and respect. She also believes integrity and transparency are the keys to maintain and grow your business. Therefore, she advised entrepreneurs to find what makes you happy and give it all you have. Always give back and make yourself available to help others grow in their endeavors.

Doris was a participant in the Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator program. She told us that the MBA program has provided her with additional business strategies and resources to help grow and manage her businesses. “The program has a great way of challenging you to think differently about all aspects of business,” said Doris.

Doris already has plans to grow the MIX brand in the Upstate and beyond. For additional information, call at 864-505-6747.


The Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator Program helps accelerate the development of high potential minority business enterprises (MBEs) to strengthen and expand the regional minority entrepreneurial community. Occasionally, we spotlight the participating companies and their success stories or other MBA news of interest.

Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) is a program of the Greenville Chamber which actively seeks to improve the capacity of minority owned firms by increasing recognition of the value of minority businesses as suppliers, strategic partners, and, ultimately, as effective engines for job growth, economic development and wealth creation. MBA prepares high potential minority-owned businesses for accelerated growth and expansion through business development services, mentoring, targeted training, access to large corporations for partnership opportunities and custom roadmap to sustainable growth. MBA helps MBEs overcome growth barriers creates access to new opportunities for ethnic diverse businesses, connecting them with the right resources and results-driven strategies to fuel their growth and build capacity.

MBA Facts:

  • 1 of 5 Chambers in the country to offer a Minority Business Accelerator program
  • Approximately $10 MIL in contracts awarded since inception
  • Approximately 140 jobs created since inception



Nika White is the Senior Advisor to the Greenville Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.




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Elizabeth Lyons on May 3, 2017 at 3:46:43 pm said:
Congratulations to Doris Haley, a Rotary Club of Greenville member and extraordinary Business Woman!!
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