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Ballots and Stickers and City Council, Oh My!

Posted by: Avery Wannemacher on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

We all care about what’s going on in Washington, but what about the issues here in our own backyard? We need to speak up for those, too. For business owners, local government can have a much bigger impact on day-to-day affairs than national policy, and that’s why it’s so important you find your way to the polls for local elections, too. 

If you’re a resident of District 4 in the City of Greenville, you can vote in the Republican primary for City Council on Tuesday, June 13th. Wil Brasington will be running against incumbent David Sudduth for the council seat.  Since both candidates are Republicans and no Democrats filed to run, the primary will determine the councilman for the next four years (unless there is a write-in), making this primary even more important! If you’re out of town on the 13th, you can vote absentee at Greenville County Square during their normal business hours.

Click here learn more about Wil Brasington.

Click here to learn more about David Sudduth.

Did you know the recent voter turnout for local primaries in Greenville hovers around just 15 percent? Sad! For positions that have such a strong and lasting influence on our businesses and city as a whole, we should be doing much better. After all, it’s your right as a citizen to speak up! 

If you’re a resident in District 4, go vote on June 13th. If you’re an employer, make sure you encourage your employees to get out and vote as well. Remind them about the upcoming primary and share where they can access information about the candidates. You can give your staff a few extra minutes for lunch or let them leave a bit early so they can cast their vote, too. Maybe even reward them with some patriotic cupcakes for voting.  With a right this influential, we should make sure to use it more than once every four years.

Plus, there’s no better accessory than an “I voted” sticker. It’s true.

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