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In Business: Saulsbury Industries

Posted by: Marion Mann on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Saulsbury Industries is a national leader in providing engineering, construction, fabrication and services to heavy industrial clients across a wide range of industries. Think gas processing and treatment, refining, petroleum/petrochemicals, power (fossil and nuclear), manufacturing and terminals/logistics. Their "safety first and foremost" value has yielded them one of the preeminent records for incident-free operations in the construction industry.

Texas-based Saulsbury Industries' choice to expand to Greenville is a testament to their commitment to the city, state of South Carolina, and their clients here in the Southeast. They plan to expand their client base along with their full service offerings across our region. 

Saulsbury’s first company, Saulsbury Electric, was founded in 1967 by C.R. “Dick” Saulsbury in Odessa, Texas. After emerging as a strong, capable contractor with a reputation of integrity, hard work, and a commitment to “getting the job done right,” Dick Saulsbury expanded the Saulsbury organization, establishing Saulcon, Saulsbury’s construction company, in 1980. With the creation of Saulcon, Saulsbury became the only organization in the Permian Basin capable of providing total construction services: general construction and instrumentation and engineering. Following the success of Saulsbury Electric and Saulcon, Saulsbury Engineering and Construction was founded in 1994, representing the final step in establishing Saulsbury as a multi-industry, full-service organization, which would eventually become the basis of Saulsbury Industries upon consolidation.

From their roots as an electrical and instrumentation services contractor, Saulsbury now operates as a full-service EPC firm with a well-earned reputation for delivering low-cost solutions on accelerated timetables. They pride themselves on professionalism, coupled with a "can do" spirit and underlying value of integrity in all things.

Welcome to Greenville, Saulsbury Industries, and thank you for investing in our business community!


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