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New Artwork: June Ellen Bradley and Tessha Zimmerman Dickey

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Friday, July 21, 2017

The halls of the Chamber are now lined with new artwork from local artists, June Ellen Bradley and Tessha Zimmerman Dickey.

About June Ellen Bradley

June Ellen is an artist, naturalist, speaker, author and educator. She is also an herbalist and botanist.

She is a graduate of Leadership Greenville Class 17 and one of the earliest Greenville artists to combine her love of art with philanthropic endeavors.

June Ellen’s creations are infused with gratitude and the generous diversity, freedom and flow of the natural world. Her intent is to open an awareness and spark love of that which human hands have not created.

“The majesty of Nature and even the tinest flower are expressions of awe for me,” says June Ellen. “I seek to convey the point where inner and outer worlds commune.

Her artwork appears in public spaces and private collections in the US as well as around the world!

About Tessha Zimmerman Dickey

Tessha has always wanted to create. She is fascinated by pattern, movement, light, color and the small, unexpected, unnoticed parts of life. She often dabbles in different media to refresh her creativity, but her roots are in painting.

She loves whimsy and finds inspiration from all parts of life to integrate into her work.

As an artist, she enjoys direct contact with her tools and prefers the tactile response that the paintbrush provides.

“Life is a montage of color and rhythm and my greatest desire is to study it and capture its essence.”

Special thanks to the Metropolitan Arts Council for providing the exhibit. Learn more at


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