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ILV Q&A with Johnson Development CEO Geordy Johnson

Posted by: Marion Mann on Friday, July 28, 2017

Johnson Development is co-presenting our upcoming Intercommunity Leadership Visit to Raleigh-Durham, NC. We asked CEO Geordy Johnson a few questions about what excites him about the trip.

What excites you most about Raleigh-Durham’s progress?
Raleigh and Durham have experienced downtown development that is complementary to one another while maintaining very unique personalities.  The cities have also gracefully progressed from historically tobacco and textile towns to modern cities with rich cultures still grounded by their roots.

What is most exciting (or most pressing) about what’s happening in our region?
The Greenville-Spartanburg region is growing quickly, and it is vital that we continue to develop the workforce and recruit the talent necessary to support a growing economy. We also need to focus on diversifying our region’s economic drivers.  Our manufacturing industry has strengthened tremendously, but it’s important that we grow white collar job availability to maintain a healthy, balanced economy.

What is important to you about this being a joint trip with the Spartanburg and Greenville Chambers?
Both the Spartanburg and Greenville communities benefit from sitting within a strong region. Growth in Spartanburg is healthy for Greenville, and vice versa, so it’s exciting for our business communities to have an opportunity to join together to learn how Raleigh and Durham have partnered to create a strong region. It is also a great opportunity to build relationships between our community’s Chamber and business leaders to make way for future collaboration.

What do you hope to see/learn?

  • Aside from development of RTP and the growth of university systems, what were the major catalysts for Raleigh-Durham’s growth?
  • How do their public spaces’ design impact downtown development and growth?
  • What programmatic elements have contributed to the vibrancy of weeknight activity?

How can participating on this trip help advance regional collaboration for the Upstate?
This trip may help shape a better understanding of the strengths of both Greenville and Spartanburg as individual communities so that we can each grow in a way that is complementary to one another. A trip like this allows for our community’s Chamber and business leaders to build relationships and learn how to best share resources and expertise as we all strive to build a strong upstate region.

How do you believe participating on this trip will advance your business?
While most of our real estate development is focused outside of Spartanburg, Johnson Development’s ability to recruit and retain talent for our business is directly tied to the strength of our community. Anything we can learn to continue the advancement of our community’s amenities for the benefit of our employees and their families leads to a stronger business for us and for others in Spartanburg.


Thinking about joining us for the trip? Learn more here and hop on board today!


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