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ILV Q&A with Greenville Chamber CEO Carlos Phillips

Posted by: Carlos Phillips on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What excites you about Raleigh-Durham’s progress?
There are many reasons to be excited about Raleigh-Durham’s progress, especially their strong job growth and high quality of life. The growth of that region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is stellar, and their ability to retain and attract talent is second to none. However, I’m most impressed with Raleigh-Durham’s demonstrated willingness and ability to work, grow and succeed as a region.

What is most exciting (or pressing) about what’s happening in our region?
There are many exciting things happening in the Upstate region. We’re experiencing unprecedented people and job growth, and that growth is leading to phenomenal regional economic growth and prosperity. We need to be a bit more creative in developing our workforce and people for careers of today and the future. We must also be more effective at retaining homegrown talent, and more assertive at recruiting knowledge-based talent to the region as well.

What is important to you about this being a joint trip with the Spartanburg and Greenville Chambers?
There’s every reason to be excited about this joint trip with the Spartanburg and Greenville Chambers! Greenville, Spartanburg and the Upstate region is experiencing unprecedented economic growth. It may be hard to believe, but this growth can continue well into the future as we collaborate more effectively and leverage our community assets. Visiting and learning from Raleigh-Durham is great, but going there together is most important!

What do you hope to see/learn?
There are several things I’d like to see and learn from the Raleigh-Durham trip. I look forward to seeing American Underground in Durham and its impact on the area’s entrepreneurial growth. I also want to learn more about the area’s efforts to retain and attract top talent. More than anything, I want to get a good feel for how two unique communities, with separate identities and assets, are collaborating for regional success.

How can participating in this trip help advance regional collaboration for the Upstate?
There’s an African proverb that's often quoted to articulate the value of teamwork: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” The trip to Raleigh-Durham should give 100 business and community leaders an opportunities to gain valuable insights on what working together looks like, and how our region can benefit when we do the same.


Thinking about joining us for the trip? Learn more here and hop on board today!


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