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Celebrating 100+ Year Greenville Businesses!

Posted by: Marion Mann on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

We had the privilege of celebrating three businesses that have been owned and operate in Greenville for 100+ years! We celebrated Duke Brands, Greenco Beverage Company and League Manufacturing at our annual Greenvile Chamber Night at Fluor Field. We learned a this special tidbit from League Manufacturing 's Barbara League along the way... 

All three companies were founded in Greenville by Greenville families, have stayed in Greenville 100 years, are all still family owned and family operated, and are all three located within 7 blocks of each other on the Poinsett Highway. How cool is that!?!

Chamber President/CEO Carlos Phillips and Greenville Drive Owner Craig Brown presented Duke Brands President/CEO Andrew Smart, Greenco Owner Betty Farr, and League Manufacturing Owner Barbara League with special 100 year jerseys during the game.

A little bit about each of these long standing companies:

 Duke Brands' founder Eugenia Duke made her reputation as a businesswoman before women even had the right to vote, selling homemade sandwiches on the streets of downtown Greenville for a dime a piece. Her deliciously simple sandwiches came to embody a taste of home and the very flavor of the South. So popular were Eugenia's recipes, that her sandwiches enjoy near-legendary status, and her delectable mayonnaise has become the very flavor of the South.

Duke Foods and Duke Sandwich Company celebrated their Centennial Anniversary with new brand identities and a new parent company: Duke Brands. The still family owned and operated private holding company opened its corporate headquarters in downtown Greenville earlier this year with a commitment to build on its 100-year history of success in food service and production with a portfolio of brands dedicated to quality and attention to customer service long forgotten. Learn more at

Greenco Beverage Company has supported our community, provided employment and security for many families, and has delivered fresh beverages to the North Western upstate of South Carolina since 1916.

The company was founded as a Chero Bottling and Distribution Company right around the corner at 139 Rhett St. Original products included Chero Cola, Royal Crown Ginger Ale, Royal Crown Strawberry and Royal Crown Root Beer.

Judd Farr purchased the business in 1964, and for the next 40 years, diversified the portfolio to include Coors Brewing Company and various domestic and imported beers.

After Judd retired in 2004, his wife Betty stepped in as President. Under her leadership, the company has diversified even more with the addition of numerous soft drinks, Craft Brewery brands as well as Miller and Yuengling.

Learn more at


League Manufacturing is a 4th generation family owned manufacturer focused in contract machining of wood and plastic products. Their success over the years is based on building relationships that stand the test of time.

Over the last 100 years, League has machined hundreds of thousands of parts from wood, wood composites, plastics, phenolics, foam, rubber, aluminum and other materials. Their extensive knowledge of materials and machining has allowed them to assist customers when others couldn’t. The combination of highly adaptive machinery and vast experience with an array of materials and machining techniques has allowed them to convert companies into loyal customers. 

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