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LGA Spotlight: David Pence is Wired to Excel

Posted by: Chamber Investor on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

David Pence, founder and CEO of Acumen IT, a privately held technology firm in Greenville, SC that offers managed services, business application software support, and IT security, graduated from Leadership Greenville's Class 36 in 2010. His entrepreneurial spirit dates back to junior high school when he redeemed glass bottles and sold novelty snacks to earn spending money. That resourcefulness paid off at Clemson, where it was top of mind that only his first year was financially guaranteed. While tackling a demanding course load, he juggled coding consulting gigs and took advantage of the university's Co-op Program to pay his way through school and graduate debt free with a B.S in Computer Engineering.

If you’re curious to know the favorite apps of an enterprising tech enthusiast (at age 16, he co-wrote the code for Space Empire Elite which garnered 20k players), here's a rundown: Barcode scanner for its instant comparison practicality, Google Sheets for productivity, Evernote for its various input methods and multi-platform use, and Clash of Clans for recreation (although he warns it's addictive). In five years, David believes automation will be the biggest technological impact on our lives, but does worry about the human elimination factor. What geeks him out the most is the idea that one day technology will be advanced enough that we can live on other planets as Elon Musk envisions.

Although encouraged to participate in LG by Tim Justice of Rescom Construction, David was initially hesitant because he didn't think there was anything more to learn about his hometown. He's grateful he listened and treasures knowing more about his environment. David credits LG for making him well rounded and more benevolent (personally and professionally). When it comes to getting involved, this frequent industry guest speaker urges you to make it count and not overextend yourself, "Do a few things and get good at it." Pertaining to giving, David advises that you "Do good for others without expecting anything in return."

David's exceedingly positive LG experience has led him to personally recruit participants over the years. His advice for Class 44:

"Go to as many events as you possibly can. The realization that the class is a super limited set of people is all the more reason to not to let a minor life event prevent you from attending. If history is any indication, many will go on to do some really cool things. Keep it going!”


Thanks to Lisa Maronie (LG38 Freelance Writer, Prose Communications) for submitting this LGA Spotlight.



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