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Diversity and Inclusion Summit Speaker Spotlight: Kristin Meyer

Posted by: Naomi Lin on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We currently have four different generations in the workplace. Each group has unique characteristics, attitudes, perspectives, working skills and approach. How can individuals and firms embrace the diversity among these generations? What kinds of keys to workplace success are there while individuals work with these groups? What approaches can companies employ in order to integrate these groups successfully into the work place and relate to a growing millennial workforce to maximize their productivity?

The Greenville Chamber of Commerce sees this as topic worthy of discussion; therefore, as part of the 2017 Diversity Summit, LEVERAGING HUMAN DIFFERENCE: A Strategic Priority for Business Success & Community Prosperity on October 17th, Kristin Meyer with 20-year experience as a presenter will facilitate the session, “Navigate Four Generations in the Workplace.” This workshop will address the difference among these diverse groups and the methods you can apply to connect with these generations in an effective way.

As a professional trainer and coach, Kristin Meyer has worked for multinational corporations in various roles, such as sales manager, communications manager, and training manager. She completed multiple trainer certification programs, became an expert on adult learning principles, and received career and life coach certification in early 2015. What incredible achievements she completed are numerous half marathons, five full marathons, three half Ironman triathlons and one full Ironman triathlon. She now works with individuals and groups to identify barriers and develop plans to conquer that which stands in their way.    

Kristin Meyer came from Massachusetts and had her Bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Vermont. She travelled with a group called Up With People where she joined 130 other 18 to 27 years olds from 20 countries and saw the world through persons living in the host family homes there every three to five days, serving community and engaging in a musical performance over the course of one year. Visiting over 30 different countries on four continents also equipped her with knowledge of diverse generations. She had an internship in Panama City, Panama and her last semester in Barcelona, Spain when she studied International MBA program at the University of South Carolina.

The Greenville Chamber is pleased and delighted to have Kristin Meyer as a presenter for the 2017 Diversity Summit, LEVERAGING HUMAN DIFFERENCE: A Strategic Priority for Business Success & Community Prosperity. This Summit is scheduled for October 17, 2017 from 9 am to 6 pm at the TD Convention Center. This full day experience will engage business and community leaders across a wide range of private/public sectors and will consists of an opening plenary with keynote speaker, a luncheon with a keynote speaker and approximately 9 different workshops offered in between. The day will end with a LEVERAGE. LAUNCH. LEAD Networking Reception for all guests and speakers.

We have secured a dynamic roster of presenters who are all national and international experts skilled in a wide array of diversity strategies. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn from authorities who have years of experience. Viewing diversity and inclusion as a leadership function is vital for professional and personal development.  The summit will address a variety of topics relevant to helping leaders more effectively manage and value human difference to create high performing organizations and thriving communities. A full listing of session descriptions, speaker bios and registration information can be found online here.

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