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A Love Letter to Our Investors

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Dear Investors,

This Valentine’s Day, we’re taking the opportunity to show our love and appreciation for you. It is because of you that we do what we do, that we strive every day to do something that matters. Our Investors inspire us every day to do more and be better.

Here are the top three things we love about our Investors:

#1: Your Drive.

No doubt, we have the hardest working Investors. You work tirelessly to grow your business – never settling for mediocrity – and we are honored to be a partner in that journey. We know that you are working hard every day. We admire your grit. We hope that through some of our programs and resources we lighten the load. 

#2: Your Passion for this Community.

Not only do you strive every day to improve your business, leadership or skillset, but you also lend a hand to lift others up. You give generously of your time on boards, as coaches and mentors. You serve on Chamber councils and committees. You attend networking events and rather than blindly peddle business cards, you ask others, “How can I help you?” We’ve seen it. We’ve heard it. And we admire it. You have a collaborative vision and know that in order to move Greenville forward, we must do it hand-in-hand.

#3: Your Innovation.

We see entrepreneurs with grand visions of the future. We see young professionals working smarter, asking how the job at hand can be done better, quicker and more efficiently. We see executives with the scariest of BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals). We see innovation and creativity at every level of every company (no matter how big or small) and know that it is just one characteristic of many that set our great community apart. No status quo or “because it’s always been done that way” from these Investors.

Investors, we love you. We admire you. And we hope you feel valued and appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

-Your Secret Admirers at the Greenville Chamber


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