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Minority Business Accelerator Spotlight: Greenville Natural Health Inc. Marina Ponton-Arena

Posted by: Nika White on Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) is a program of the Greenville Chamber which actively seeks to improve the capacity of minority owned firms by increasing recognition of the value of minority businesses as suppliers, strategic partners, and, ultimately, as effective engines for job growth, economic development and wealth creation. MBA prepares high potential minority-owned businesses for accelerated growth and expansion through business development services, mentoring, targeted training, access to large corporations for partnership opportunities and custom roadmap to sustainable growth. MBA helps MBEs overcome growth barriers creates access to new opportunities for ethnic diverse businesses, connecting them with the right resources and results-driven strategies to fuel their growth and build capacity.


MBA Facts:

  • 1 of 6 Chambers in the country to offer a Minority Business Accelerator program
  • Approximately $15.5 MIL in contracts awarded since inception
  • Approximately 203 jobs created since inception

Greenville Natural Health, Inc.

Greenville Natural Health, Inc. utilizes a natural way of therapy and healing so that their clients can be their healthiest. They combine natural health methods like traditional Chinese medicine, functional medicine, bio-energetic testing, bio-puncture and healthy living in a way that is individualized for each client.

Marina Ponton-Arena established Greenville Natural Health, Inc. in 2007 because her medical profession is a fundamental part of her life and her business is an extension of that. Greenville Natural Health, Inc. goes one step further and devotes time to emphasize educating their clients about a healthier lifestyle. They pride themselves on utilizing both the best in traditional and new innovative technologies for their services.

Marina understands the importance of a healthy mind and body and how to maintain that. She claims that, “We also educate our clients to understand that this is not just treatment but a lifestyle of health and wellness. Some of the factors that distinguish our business from others in our industry are years of expertise, high levels of continuous training and innovation, and excellent customer service.”

Marina is profoundly blessed by having a profession that impacts the health and wellness of individuals and their families. Seeing Greenville Natural Health, Inc. thrive has been a tremendous reward for her. “Getting to know individuals and families and see their lives change for the better,” is the crux of Greenville Natural Health, Inc., Marina expressed.

Learning ways to expand her business in an active and structured way excites Marina the most regarding the MBA program. Finding new and proven ways to implement improvements to her business is one of the many takeaways she wants to get out of the sessions. Networking with others who are also like minded entrepreneurs is what Marina is looking forward to. In five years Marina envisions Greenville Natural Health, Inc. having a tremendous amount of growth with more practitioners and services being provided to the local community.



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