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Accelerate Series: Introducing LaunchGVL Partnership with Greenville County Schools

Posted by: Brittney Kessler on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Positioning our workforce for 21st century opportunities has long been a focus of the Greenville Chamber’s Accelerate initiative. With the addition of Adrea Turner as our Director of Talent & Workforce Solutions, that focus is even bigger in 2018. Attracting and retaining a skilled workforce is the number one challenge facing employers in Greenville, particularly in high-demand industries like advanced manufacturing, construction, and healthcare. In response to this challenge, the Greenville Chamber is facilitating a business-led approach to shrink the skills gap and strengthen our workforce through strategic, data-driven talent recruitment and workforce development initiatives. Recognizing that work-based learning benefits students, employers, schools, and the community, the Greenville Chamber and Greenville County Schools have partnered to create LaunchGVL, an initiative to connect high school students with paid work opportunities in Greenville’s high-demand occupations. Students will enter the workforce and college more equipped to succeed by launching their careers in one of six pathways listed below:

  1. Arts, Communication & Information Technology
  2. Business, Marketing & Management
  3. Environmental & Agricultural Systems
  4. Health Science
  5. Human Resources & Services
  6. Industrial, Manufacturing & Engineering Systems

Internships take place during the summer (June-July), fall (October-December), or spring (February-April). Most summer internships last for 8 weeks, with full-time (40 hours) or part-time (20 hours) positions. Students usually work between 10-20 hours per week during fall or spring semesters to accommodate their class schedules. The Work-Based Learning Coordinators with Greenville County Schools will match interns based on the relevant courses taken and/or the student’s expression of interest in a particular field or occupational area. The Coordinators can also assist in developing a work plan for the employer and his/her student intern. LaunchGVL includes only paid opportunities. Paid internships increase the access of opportunity to a broader range of participants. Additionally, the National Association of Colleges and Employer’s Class of 2015 Student Survey indicates students with paid internships are more likely to be offered jobs than their non-paid counterparts. Businesses also benefit from a broader and more diverse candidate pool when providing compensation for work opportunities. Businesses pay interns an average of $9-$10 hourly. As participating businesses supplement their workforce with energetic students, they also create a talent pipeline to fill the jobs of the future and close the growing skills gap. So, what role will you play in shaping our future?

For more details regarding the program and to sign up, please visit

For more information on Accelerate and our four focus areas, please visit


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