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Spencer Pest Services, Laura Corbin

Posted by: Nika White on Monday, May 7, 2018

The Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator Program helps accelerate the development of high potential minority business enterprises (MBEs) to strengthen and expand the regional minority entrepreneurial community. Occasionally, we spotlight the participating companies and their success stories or other MBA news of interest.

Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) is a program of the Greenville Chamber which actively seeks to improve the capacity of minority owned firms by increasing recognition of the value of minority businesses as suppliers, strategic partners, and, ultimately, as effective engines for job growth, economic development and wealth creation. MBA prepares high potential minority-owned businesses for accelerated growth and expansion through business development services, mentoring, targeted training, access to large corporations for partnership opportunities and custom roadmap to sustainable growth. MBA helps MBEs overcome growth barriers creates access to new opportunities for ethnic diverse businesses, connecting them with the right resources and results-driven strategies to fuel their growth and build capacity.


MBA Facts:

  • 1 of 6 Chambers in the country to offer a Minority Business Accelerator program
  • Approximately $15.5 MIL in contracts awarded since inception
  • Approximately 203 jobs created since inception


Spencer Pest Services

Spencer Pest Services is a family owned pest control business that was formed in 1951. They provide a pest free environment utilizing the latest technology while providing superior customer service. Some special services they provide are termite control, mosquito control, rodent and wildlife control and moisture control. When asked about what makes Spencer Pest Services different from their competitors, president, Laura Corbin said, “Utilizing technology in as many ways as possible makes us easy and convenient to do business with. Our company strives to handle every service call within 24 hours of being received, and we will not schedule far out unless otherwise requested by the customer.” Laura did not start the business; however, she is positioned to take over the business which was started by her mom. Laura’s goal is to leave a legacy in the community. Laura also wants to be able to provide a good and more stable living for their employees, a healthier environment for their customers, and a greater reputation within the community. “Watching an employee grow from day one of employment to seeing where they mature to is an amazing experience. I love being able to help others provide themselves and their families a great living and lifestyle,” Laura expressed relevant to the greatest reward she has seen thus far in her business. In five years, Spencer Pest Services will be producing over $5 million dollars in revenue and have over 50 employees with three branches. They have a customer base of over 10,000 people and are well-known around the community as the "pest company who cares". Future growth plans of Spencer Pest Services include expanding throughout South Carolina and possibly into North Carolina. When asked about what excites her most about the MBA program, Laura said, “I’m most excited to gain the knowledge on how to more efficiently run/own a business. I am also excited to gain knowledge on how to leverage our WBE certification and make significant contacts through the commercial world.” Some advice Laura has for future entrepreneurs are to listen to your employees, to your peers, and to the community by seeking feedback and continuously find ways to learn and grow.



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