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Congratulations to LG44 Graduates

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Friday, May 18, 2018

UE Congratulations to the Leadership Greenville Class 44 graduates. The 55 participants embarked on 10-month journey, taking a deep dive into the inner workings of our community. The class developed lifelong friendships with other civic-minded men and women, and gained a deeper understanding of what makes our community exceptional and the challenges we face. 

The graduating class will join over 2000 Leadership Greenville Alumni, a prestigious group who have gone on to serve in key positions, including on school board, city and county council seats, members of Congress, judges and business leaders.

Included with the list of graduates are their takeaways from their Leadership Greenville experience. 


Ben Barfield, Brasfield & Gorrie

Tracey Boucher, ScanSource, Inc.

Matthew Burns, South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities

Leadership Greenville has opened my eyes to the joys as well as needs of our community.  Through this experience we are better equipped to recognize and engage to improve this wonderful place.

Mary-Allyson Chauvin, Langston Construction Company of Piedmont, LLC

Scott Craig, JTEKT North America Corporation

Lifelong relationships built with obligation to assume leadership roles throughout our community and drive positive change. 

Erika Davis, Michelin North America, Inc.

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the different ”field trips” you participate along the program.  Visiting the places, interacting with the different people and getting the information directly, have provided me a better understanding of the situations going on in each visit. I'm sure that I would have attended none of these places on my own. These experiences opened my eyes to see existing things that have gone unnoticed for me because I have not been exposed or simply because I did not leave my comfort zone. Now that I know the problems, that I have the contacts and the platforms to work on them, I will become a subject of change in my society; now it's time to work for a different cause, it’s time to work for different people. 

Jennifer Derryberry, CommunityWorks

Victoria Earle, Communities In Schools of Greenville

Takeaway: Advocating for those who can benefit from public services the most and supporting changes that will guide the community in a positive direction. 

Zach Eikenberry, NEXT High School - The NEXT Schools

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville are the high capacity, ambitious classmates. Most of them were rockstars. 

Megan Finnern, Quality Business Solutions, Inc.

Trey Gardner, TD Bank

Ben Gecewich, Greenville Health System

I will use my Leadership Greenville experience to help my community by “doing” leadership everyday.  It doesn’t take one big act to make a difference, we have opportunities to provide leadership in many settings all the time and I commit to do more-whether that be at home, at work, or at play.  I commit to be a leader for those who can impact the community just by getting involved-and will encourage and model any involvement by many in place of much involvement only by some.

Paola Gutierrez, Clemson University

James Hamilton, AMECO (Fluor)

Leadership Greenville has opened my eyes to see my community through a different lens and provided a network to create concrete change.

Karen Hancock, Bon Secours Health System

The Leadership Greenville program is a rewarding balance of orientation to important community issues and development of leadership skills. This experience is accomplished in a supportive, interactive and inspirational environment and alumni have the opportunity to network and actively take part in serving our community.  

Blaine Hart, CBRE, Inc.

LG, as a whole, far exceeded my expectations and what I envisioned for myself over the course of the year. The program took on its own life as we continued to cultivate our relationships as a group, and I will forever be grateful for those relationships, as well as broadening my perspectives for our community as a whole.

Sarah Henry, Sarah Henry Law

Beth Jamieson-Daigle, Greenville First Steps

Brittney Kessler, Greenville Chamber

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the long lasting friendships created through our shared experiences in LG.

Taylor Krulac, Uplift Counseling Services, LLC
Leadership Greenville opens eyes, ignites passion and purposeful action in the community, and fosters life-long bonds! 

Kate Laffitte, Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP

Brendan Leary, GE Power

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the exposure to the community of Greenville outside of my day to day interactions . This has introduced me to peers with varying backgrounds and perspectives on issues that I had never experienced beforehand. It has expanded my vision of the future of Greenville and the actions required to get there.

Chris Lewis, Greenville Pro Soccer

Leadership Greenville is an amazing experience that enables one to gain new perspectives about our community, the people, places and organizations that comprise it and the areas and ways that we can impact it all while creating new business relationships and making new friends!

Will Lucas, Azalea Capital

Ted Lyerly, NAI Earle Furman, LLC

Lauren Maxwell, U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of South Carolina

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the exposure to programs, communities, and issues in Greenville that I did not know previously existed.  This exposure and the ability to discuss the issues with my classmates provided me with new perspectives on the challenges facing our community as a whole as well as the different ways to best address them.  

Dana McConnell, Center for Developmental Services

Many thanks to the Chamber, LG sponsors, Tami, and all involved in creating this amazing experience!  I am forever changed in seeing our community through a new lens.

John Merrell, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Burgess Metcalf, LS3P ASSOCIATES

Brittany Moore, City of Greenville

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the camaraderie among your classmates.  In a brief 10 month period I built so many relationships that will last well beyond graduation.

Traci Newkirk, unSTUCK by Intellectual Capitol

Dr. Steve Newman, Poinsett Family Practice

My experience with Leadership Greenville has been one that I am both honored and privileged to have participated in. I have learned many valuable lessons and grown as a person more than I can adequately describe in a short few sentences. However, if I had to distill my experience down into a succinct commentary, I would say that it has provided me with great hope for the future of our community. The talent and integrity of my classmates has truly been amazing. Greenville has much to be proud of and much to hope for in the future. I am humbled to be called a friend to all of you, my classmates. 

Moses Nickerson, The Haro Group of Keller Williams Realty

Jennifer Osgood, Wagner Wealth Management

Jamie Patterson, Clemson MBA Program

Everyone is important….Everyone’s voice is important…It is most important to stand beside those who’s voices are sometimes not heard.

Corey  Phillips, Edward Jones

Eddie Roman, Greenville County Schools

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville was meeting so many dynamic, talented and downright good people.  Learned just as much from my peers as I did from the presentations.  Learned from word and action.  During the project, I was able to see selfless service in action and it was great to see talented people show kindness.

Emily Scurry, The Greenville News

I will never be able to look at this world the same way as before I experienced Leadership Greenville -- it opened my eyes to real life challenges people have that I never paid attention to, it changed my opinion on really important matters that I was sure I fully understood, and it taught me that I can be a leader and be a catalyst for change right where I am. The people I encountered are those that I will always be rooting for -- and I know they will always truly care about me.  

Thomas Self, Elliott Davis

Carrie Silver, Bridges to a Brighter Future at Furman University

Bill Simmons, American Leprosy Missions

Lana Sims, Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

Ashley Swann, Wilson Associates Real Estate

Leadership Greenville has opened my eyes to the joys as well as needs of our community.  Through this experience we are better equipped to recognize and engage to improve this wonderful place.
The Leadership Greenville experience, the knowledge gained, and the relationships fostered elevated my passion for being a proactive ambassador for positive change and facilitated the means to make a significant impact in my community. 

Theresa Thompson, Upstate Warrior Solution

Dr. Paul Thompson, North Greenville University

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is that it exposes to an incredibly large number of community organizations and experiences.

Ryan Tiwari, Iberia Bank

Shiree Turner-Fowler, Greenville County Schools
Over the last few years my pain has become my purpose. Now I can proudly say that because of Leadership Greenville my purpose  has now become my practice.

Matt Verley, Bank of Travelers Rest

The opportunity to see Greenville from all perspectives. Over the course of our eight class days, I learned to appreciate the beauty around us, the shoulders of great leaders of the past that we stand on, and the areas we must improve to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to thrive. 

Amanda Warren, United Ministries

My Leadership Greenville experience afforded me the opportunity to connect with people from many sectors of the community.  These connections have allowed me to help educate others about poverty in our community, as well as build partnerships and bridges that, hopefully, will impact my agency, the lives of my program participants, and Greenville in a positive way.

Jason Warren, Greenville County Schools
My favorite part of LG is the opportunity it provides us to connect our city’s past with its future. We are exposed to in-depth looks at our history and given the opportunity to discuss with city leaders where we are headed and provided pathways to assist with those efforts.

Cary Weekes, Community Volunteer

Craig Welch, Greenville County Sheriff's Office

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville was making long lasting friendships with an amazing group of people. It is extremely difficult to put 50 or so strangers together and to be able to forge a special bond with each of them. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, yet this experience brought us all together to work as one. 

Jermaine Whirl, Greenville Technical College
My favorite part of Leadership Greenville was hearing and learning from community leaders such as Minor Shaw, Merl Code, Mayor Knox White, and Lillian Flemming.

Marty Wilkes, Greenville Police Department

My favorite part of Leadership Greenville is the opportunity to meet and network with a group of people that care deeply about the development and prosperity of our community.

Mary Willson, 6AM City

Adam Witter, Wells Fargo SC Upstate Banking Group
You think you knew, what you didn’t know, but you did not realize you didn’t really know it at all. I still don’t know it all, but I understand it better and I have a burning curiosity to learn more.





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