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Accelerate Series: Transportation Survey Results

Posted by: Brittney Kessler on Monday, July 23, 2018

As we continue to work on talent and workforce solutions for our Upstate employers and employees one word keeps coming up….TRANSPORTATION! The talent challenge is attracting and retaining a quality workforce. Transportation is commonly reported by employers and employees as the number one challenge in connecting workers with jobs.

The Greenville Chamber convened the Workforce Data Collaborative in April to utilize data to examine barriers to workforce participation and opportunities to enhance participation. The WDC is comprised of representatives from the Greenville Chamber, Greenville Area Development Corporation, Appalachian Council of Governments and SC Works. They created a survey for the downtown area (29601) and distributed that survey to employers and employees. More than 1,200 responses were received. Employers’ top five concerns are

1. Parking Availability

2. Parking Cost,

3. Congestion,

4. Bus Frequency

5. Bus Hours of Service

The survey found that 92% of employees drive alone to and from work each day. If a park-and-ride were convenient and affordable 38% of employees definitely or probably would use it, and 50% of employers definitely or probably would fund passes for their employees. If bus service were more frequent and longer running 25% of employees definitely or probably would use it and 43% of employers definitely or probably would fund stipends for their employees.

The downtown survey was the first for the Workforce Data Collaborative group. Next they will focus on the Brookfield/Mauldin area where there is a large concentration of contact centers. Following that, the survey will expand its efforts to the Donaldson/SCTAC area and Pelham Road.  

The group will not only study transportation, but will also focus on identified barriers to workforce participation including child car, housing and criminal record. Learn more and see the full results from the Downtown Area (29601) Transportation Survey at




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