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In Business: HTI Job Mobile

Posted by: Ebony Austin on Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Everyone from CNN Money and Forbes to Conde Nast Traveler has put Greenville on some sort of “fastest growing” or “best” list. Bloomberg declared Greenville the 3rd Strongest Job Market in 2010, and nationally, unemployment is experiencing some all-time lows. It’s no secret-business in Greenville is booming. The challenge in Greenville is how to bridge the gap in the workforce; whether that gap is in skills, transportation, or simply awareness of the plethora of available jobs.

As a Human Resources firm, HTI’s Industrial and professional recruiting divisions are large components of our business. With record unemployment and a competitive market, these areas of our business are directly impacted.

HTI prides itself on innovation. We asked ourselves, how can we continue to attract the best talent? How can we proactively seek them out instead of waiting for them to come to us? Furthermore, how can we make it so convenient for them to apply, that it would be silly not to seize the opportunity? The latest innovation of ours has been coined The Job Mobile, and it is officially open for business.

What is the HTI Job Mobile?

In short, it’s a mobile application center that services employers needing on-site candidate screening support and candidates needing locations to apply that are more convenient to their work or home.

It is HTI's creative solution to recruiting with low unemployment rates and the labor shortage. As a mobile version of one of our branch offices - the first of its kind in Greenville - the HTI Job Mobile extends our recruiting capabilities past our physical locations to help make the job search more convenient for job-seekers. It will also service our clients in Asheville, Charleston, Chattanooga, and Columbia. Its key features include:

  • Six computer application workstations - enables digital applications for faster and more accurate screening
  • HTI staff member(s) on board to make candidates aware of job options and facilitate screening processes
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Private interview space, and more

HTI – Human Technologies, Inc. is a multi-faceted Human Resources advisory firm. Since 1999, HTI has partnered with some of the world’s greatest companies to provide custom solutions for workforce management, development, and retention. Our core competencies include industrial staffing, project management, professional recruiting, and human resources. We are fortunate to be headquartered in Greenville, SC with 13 offices in 6 states. We look forward to taking part in the continued growth here and throughout the Upstate.

If you’re interested in booking the Job Mobile or finding where it will be next, please visit our website.



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