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Leadership Greenville Class 44, The Meyer Center

Posted by: Brittney Kessler on Thursday, October 18, 2018

One of the most rewarding things about participating in Leadership Greenville is knowing you had a small part in making a difference. Each Leadership Greenville class selects projects to meet a need in the area. Class Projects are chosen based on proposals submitted by nonprofit Chamber-Investor organizations. For Leadership Greenville Class 44, one of those projects was the Meyer Center for Special Children.

The Meyer Center wanted to create an outdoor learning center adjacent to their school that would be used by every child at the Center. The Meyer Center team cleaned up the space and installed a whiteboard and vegetation boxes. The next step was to add a few more features to further expand their use of this learning environment. To make all of this possible the Leadership Greenville team had to first remove old equipment: an unsafe swing set and an unsanitary sandbox. Next was the removal of a concrete pathway and grading. During that time a large tree also had to be removed along with the old chain-link fence. Once the area was prepped the team weeded and replanted the vegetation boxes, assembled the swing-set, and did more digging in order to prepare for the sensory path and the gazebo. The team continued the work by spreading child-safe IMEPA mulch, adding a water feature and hanging wind chimes and birdhouses. Once the gazebo and the new fence were completed, two benches were added for relaxation. This area is now used for instructional opportunities for Meyer Center children by both teaching staff and therapists, which will further enhance each child’s learning experience at the Center. This will help the children reach and exceed their individual educational and therapy goals.

The Meyer Center is one of the only integrated therapy and educational Centers in

Greenville for children with special needs. Its vision is to enrich the lives of children with disabilities, in order to reach their maximum potential. Last year, over 180 children were served at the Meyer Center, and they are growing - adding three new classrooms!



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