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Introducing Greenville Chamber Young Professionals

Posted by: Chamber Investor on Monday, January 7, 2019

Resolutions. Love them or hate them, it’s the time of year where we at least think about putting our good intentions down on paper to fulfill in the next year. For career-minded young professionals, a resolution might be as simple as “network more,” or they may be as specific as “connect with five people in a career I’m considering.” Considering these resolutions, it’s possible that Pulse Young Professionals has crossed your radar as a tool to help you advance.

Pulse itself was born out of resolution – the resolution of a small group of YP leaders who identified a gap in the Greenville business community. In the early 2000’s, there was no dedicated way for YPs to connect, develop and thrive in the business community. Instead of waiting for someone else to step up and fix the problem, they resolved to address the issue themselves by partnering with the Greenville Chamber of Commerce to create PULSE, Professionals United in Leadership and Social Enrichment. Pulse was and is dedicated to the segment of the population age 22-39, focusing heavily on leadership development while providing a social and networking outlet for young talent.

While Pulse has grown and changed in its 16 year history, the purpose hasn’t changed. We added arts, service, and recreation opportunities for YPs as ways to engage outside of traditional leadership development activities. But as Pulse expanded, so did the rest of the YP scene, and many other organizations emerged that also successfully engaged this demographic across sectors of our community.

When looking at our core purpose to develop the next generation of business leaders, we know that things like volunteerism and arts appreciation are important. But we also know that we’re more successful as an organization when we focus on our strengths.

With that in mind, we have realigned our programming with the Greenville Chamber’s mission to lead, convene and mobilize the business community to drive regional economic growth. With a renewed commitment to the Chamber’s mission comes a refreshed brand that makes the connection even more clear. Moving forward in 2019, we’ll be known as Greenville Chamber Young Professionals. We are grateful to the groups of YPs who paved the way with Pulse, and we’re excited to launch this next chapter in our development.

As Greenville Chamber Young Professionals, we help to achieve the mission of the Chamber by fostering connections to people, programs, and peer leaders.

  • People: As a Greenville Chamber Young Professionals member, you’re connected with the Upstate’s top business leaders and decision makers through networking opportunities like Netnight, Business After Hours, and Coffee and Connections. Hear from dynamic speakers who are literally changing the fabric of Greenville at our monthly Leadership Lunches and Breakout Breakfasts. We’ve noticed that many of our members are also looking for concrete ways to learn more and take action. This year, we’re launching a series of casual meet-ups with our speakers to continue the conversation after the meal, and we hope these informal events will help foster even deeper connections.
  • Programs: Greenville Chamber Young Professionals is a gateway to the Upstate’s premier leadership development programming, including Pacesetters, Opportunity Greenville, and Leadership Greenville. Involvement in Greenville Chamber Young Professionals is the best way to springboard into deeper professional growth.
  • Peer leaders: Connect with other Greenville Chamber Young Professionals at a monthly luncheon, breakfast, or Connects event, which are informal networking and socializing opportunities. The people in the room are the current and future difference-makers in our community, and our ample opportunities to network can help form lasting professional and personal relationships. We’re also committed to supporting other YP organizations in our community, and are looking forward to collaborating wherever possible.

Whatever your career resolutions are for 2019, Greenville Chamber Young Professionals can help you meet them. We can’t wait to get started.

Author: Sarah Moore


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