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In Business: Belflex Staffing

Posted by: Rionne Ridgeway on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

BelFlex Staffing Network is a family-owned staffing business with 31 locations in the Midwest and Southeast. The Greenville branch, which opened on June 19, is located at 783 E. Butler Rd Ste D. Mauldin SC 29662. The office is focused on connecting employers with skilled workers in a range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, transportation and clerical. There are several qualities that set BelFlex apart from other staffing firms. One is the company’s commitment to its mission of “Succeeding Together,” or using workforce solutions to help people, organizations and communities succeed.

BelFlex’s use of technology in the recruiting process is another distinguishing factor. Digitizing the process and eliminating paper has delivered tremendous benefits that streamline the application and onboarding processes. For clients, this means jobs are not only filled quickly and efficiently, but the employees showing up for work are more effectively matched with the skills needed for the position. For candidates, the ability to complete their paperwork from a mobile phone or home computer provides simplicity and convenience. And, those that prefer to work face-to-face with a recruiter can still visit the Greenville office where iPads and computers are available to complete applications and submit resumes online.

A focus on building relationships and developing partnerships with its clients and candidates is a driving force at BelFlex. In Greenville, the team takes its time to understand each customer’s individual challenges and each candidate’s unique skill sets. By using this collaborative approach, the company is able to develop innovative workforce solutions and alternative approaches that more closely align talent with opportunity.

To learn more about how BelFlex is different, contact us at (864-757-1611) or visit our website.


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