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Public Transportation in Columbus

Posted by: Brittney Kessler on Friday, August 16, 2019

When most people hear ‘Columbus, Ohio’ they probably think about The Ohio State University. However, Columbus is so much more than a college town! I recently had the opportunity to visit and was pleasantly surprised, not really knowing what to expect. The most apparent difference between Columbus and Greenville was the ease of public transportation. The CBus is a free bus service that runs the length of High Street, a four-lane road that serves as their “main drag”, every 15 minutes. We used this service often during our visit and the one thing that stood out for me was the difference in each rider. The riders were all diverse in race, attire and age. It was easy to see this was something created for everyone and used by everyone. Two additional solutions for transportation issues are EmpowerBus and Share. EmpowerBus provides reliable and on-time transportation to and from employment, education and healthcare opportunities. Clustering and strategic partnerships are utilized to address the transportation barriers that under-resourced communities face. In some instances, EmpowerBus becomes a “classroom on wheels” teaching riders English for the workplace and other helpful topics. SHARE is a micro-transit service created for the trips people take the most. They partner with employers, schools, senior living, municipalities and healthcare facilities to provide transportation solutions. At SHARE, they believe access to transportation means access to opportunities.


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