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Throwback: The Greenville Spirit

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Friday, August 30, 2019

Henry E. Stradley
Greenville Civic & Commercial Journal, Volume 1
September 1921

The Greenville Spirit! What is it?

Governor Cooper called it “that intangible but ever-present SOMETHING which means more to the upbuilding of Greenville than anything else

You have heard about it over the Southland, for it is spreading far and wide. It is making this city famous. If you do not believe this to be true, post a letter to a local citizen with only “Greenville” as an address, leaving off the “S.C.” and you will find that the letter, no matter where mailed, will come to the foremost of the many Greenvilles in America.

Analyzed, the Greenville Spirit means simply, in a few words: Courtesy, expressed and implied by every individual citizen, not only toward one another but to the stranger and friend alike, for who knows but that the stranger of today may be the good citizen of tomorrow? It means confidence in our city and in our people, believing in both with all our hearts; and Progressiveness in all things.

Greenville’s ideal? Here it is: Not only a larger city but a better city in which to live.

You may not attend church services regularly but would you care to live in a city that had no churches? You may not attend Chamber of Commerce meetings regularly, but would you care to live in a city that had no Chamber of Commerce? Attend the meetings.

Citizens generally may look up to you. That’s fine. But do the men and women who work for you regard you in the same light? If so, that’s finer.

Old stuff, but worth thinking about: “What kind of a town would this town be if every man were just like me?”

Is your front yard as neat as any other on your street? It helps the city, you know.

The Chamber of Commerce is YOUR organization. Make of it what you will.

Does your business stationary carry a good word for Greenville?

Buy in Greenville. Why help pave streets in another city?


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