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Meet the Team: Molly Hulsey

Posted by: Molly Hulsey on Friday, September 20, 2019

Over the 23 years of Molly’s life here in Greenville, she has watched its transformation from a once-upon-a-time textile capital to one of the fastest growing cities in the Southeast, and she couldn’t be more excited to help the Greenville Chamber advocate for the businesses that have made her hometown a success story.  Molly recently graduated from Covenant College in Chattanooga, Tennessee with a degree in International Studies, French, and Writing (and a stint at the National University of Ireland, Galway), but the Upstate has a way of reeling one back to her roots.

In the past, Molly has worked for several local and national publications as a reporter in Washington D.C. and Asheville, N.C., interned for Congressman Jeff Duncan, and had the incredible opportunity to research South-Central-North American foreign policy for the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee (WHEM), U.S. House of Representatives.  Working with WHEM and in Ireland opened Molly’s eyes to the limitless opportunities of South Carolina’s expanding global network, while her time as a reporter and PR representative also drove home the importance of visceral, “down-to-earth” story-telling—whether through print, film, or face-to-face connections—to make a growing world smaller.  This fall, Molly will be working with the Greenville Chamber to bring to light the stories of the businesses that have shaped the Upstate and the policies that continue to shape them.

Come Saturday, you might find Molly backpacking somewhere in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or helping out with an up-and-coming Irish language group, Gaeltacht Greenville.



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