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Beyond the Surface: 7 Week Challenge

Posted by: Karen Hinds on Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Thank you for saying "yes" to joining us on this journey to developing your own personal strategy to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

If you missed the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Diversity and Inclusion Summit, watch the keynote presentations online and register now for next year’s summit.

As you do the challenges, share your stories with the hashtag #beyondthesurface #DISummit19

Week 1: Tell someone the value they bring to the organization.

Talk about the results they bring and the impact you believe they have had on the organization. Make it specific.


Week 2: Who has your ear?

We reflect the values of the people we spend the most time with. This week find someone who sees the world in a different way and invite them to coffee. No judgments, just an opportunity to learn and expand your horizon.


Week 3: Uncover your biases.

Spend this week examining your own unconscious biases. Our biases come from the way we were raised, the values we hold and past experiences. When our biases are used to negatively impact others, it's time to take a hard look at them.


Week 4: Collectively make an impact.

Consider joining together with one or two other people and think about opportunities to immediately make an impact. Don’t wait for the big organization's strategic diversity plan to roll out. Harness the power of those around you.


Week 5:  Speak the “I Care Language.”

Take an interest in the people you work with. You might be surprised that you have many things in common. Take off the tunnel vision glasses and learn more about the people on your team, their hobbies, what motivates them etc.


Week 6: Be still and observe.

Spend this week observing your surroundings, your organizations, your community, your home. What are your thoughts? Have you been rushing to judgments? Spend this time reflecting and write down what you are seeing. Sometimes in our need to make a difference we rush and we miss opportunities that are immediately in front of us.


Week 7:  Be the only one.

If you are not accustomed to being the only one in the room, I want you to actively seek out situations where you are the only one so you can experience that feeling. If being the only one is a part of your everyday existence, then look for opportunities where you can bring new faces to the table.


Don’t forget to register for next year’s summit here!



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