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In Business: Stretch Zone

Posted by: Rionne Ridgeway on Monday, February 10, 2020

Now open in Greenville!

Stretch Zone is the first and largest franchisor in the stretching industry and the only company that combines its proprietary Stretch Zone Method with the patented Stretch Zone Stabilization System to improve consumers overall health and wellness.

Through its Certified Practitioners, Stretch Zone increases clients’ mobility and muscle function which makes daily movement efficient, effortless and enhances their quality of life. Stretch Zone’s practitioners do all the work for the client, while the client receives all the benefits without exerting energy or effort.

To perform each stretch, Stretch Zone systematically positions, stabilizes and isolates the muscle, allowing each client to realize their full lifestyle goals. Whether a client is looking to hit a golf ball longer, swim a faster lap or just sit more comfortably in a chair, Stretch Zone “re-educates” the muscles to move more freely with a greater range of motion and less effort.

All practitioners go through a comprehensive and rigorous 40-hour training program by our Master Trainers in order to be certified on the Stretch Zone Method 

Stretch Zone is the only national accredited brand in the industry, having met and exceeded the standards of excellence of The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Body Work (NCBTM)

Key Stretching benefits:

  • Stretch Zone helps clients achieve greater range of motion and quality of movement, which promotes improved flexibility, physical and athletic skills, and enhances their quality of life.
  • Stretch Zone decreases stress levels which positively impacts the client mentally and physically.
  • Whether active or sedentary Stretch Zone’s clients regain the ability to pursue the activities they love the most.

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67-A Woodruff Industrial Lane
Greenville SC 29607
(Next to Trader Joe’s and Target—take the new Parallel Parkway off Verdae Blvd for easy access!)

Facebook: Stretch Zone Greenville, SC
Instagram: stretchzonegreenvillesc


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