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My Chamber Story: Clay Davenport, CresCom Bank

Posted by: Clay Davenport on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

When I entered the workforce upon graduating from Lander University in 2011, I knew very little about the Chamber of Commerce or how important connecting with other business leaders could be for your career. I moved to Columbia, SC and was encouraged by my employer to get involved with the Chamber. At the time, I was working two jobs just to stay current on my rent. When I reached out to the Chamber, they were welcoming and invited me to volunteer at their annual golf tournament. Not knowing what to expect, I decided to just show up and serve. In doing so, I made a valuable connection with a Chamber Ambassador in Irmo, SC. Through this connection, I was able to secure stable employment that began my career in banking. I continued to serve in three different area Chambers building lasting and meaningful connections in the Midlands of SC.

Fast forward approximately seven years, I made plans to relocate to the Greenville, SC. Greenville, SC is where my wife grew up and we wanted to be closer to family. My first thought was to call the Chamber, since they had been so instrumental in my career development. I realized that I knew Liz Horton, SVP at the Greenville Chamber from pervious volunteer roles in Kershaw County. She immediately referred me to a Chamber investor that she believed could assist. Within weeks of making that call, I was able to receive an offer to begin employment just a few days after we would close on our new home.

I will continue to support the Chamber as an Ambassador and in any other capacity they need. I now look for opportunities to encourage, build, and grow others as they develop their career in the Upstate. It’s amazing to look back in my career and see how God worked in my life, through the Chamber, to put me in the position I am today with CresCom Bank. It is a privilege to serve at CresCom Bank and to serve the Upstate community. Without the Chamber, my career would not be where it is today.  I am grateful for the Chamber and the role they played in helping Greenville, SC become my home.


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