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A message to the business community

Posted by: Carlos Phillips on Friday, April 3, 2020
Greetings Chamber Investors,
Together. Greenville was busting at the seams over a century ago when civic leaders determined they needed an advocate that would represent the needs of business and trade. The Greenville Chamber was founded in 1889, and a partnership was born.
The partnership has thrived over the years, with the Chamber and community united throughout Greenville’s assorted economic busts and booms. Greenville has experienced various conflicts, wars, various forms of social and community unrest, economic crises, and yes - even pandemics, with our community emerging better from each of those challenges - because we struggled and triumphed together.
The Chamber has a long history of helping our community emerge from challenges, and we’re poised to rise to the occasion again with various programs and resources. The COVID-19 Employer Resource Guide located on our website contains links to valuable information that will help businesses navigate the current complex landscape, and many of you are now engaging in our programs through virtual platforms. Use us to traverse this unprecedented era. Our business and yours is transforming, and we continue to deliver valuable information and content - together.
The Chamber is grateful for your continued support as we navigate this challenging time, knowing that every employer and employee is being impacted by this novel and epic challenge. None of us know the duration of this pandemic nor its ultimate impact.
We must trust however, that this too shall pass, and we’ll thrive again - together. 
Carlos Phillips
President & CEO
Greenville Chamber


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