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Change Management with Liz Horton

Posted by: Liz Horton on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Liz Horton is our Senior Vice President. She has over 18 years of Chamber experience with the past three years being with us at the Greenville Chamber. In her three years in Greenville, their we have experienced many changes. It is with this background of change that Liz shares her perspective and discusses ways to manage change.

Some of the changes that Liz has recently experienced include implementing a new tiered dues membership model, a new strategic plan, staff realignments, and selling the Chamber building and moving to a new location downtown. She also discusses some of the changes that may be on the horizon for Chambers as we start to recover from the COVID-19 economic slow down.

Some of the key strategies that Liz suggests that should be included when managing any change are, effective communication, buy-in from partners, and the importance of getting stake holders involved with the decision making process (especially those with differing opinions).


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