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In Business: PhD Weight Loss

Posted by: Andrew Van on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

PHD Weight Loss and Nutrition is a family owned and operated company.  Dr. Ashley Lucas, owner and founder, is a PhD Nutritionist and Licensed Registered Dietitian with more than 15 years of experience, education and training in the field of nutrition, metabolism and weight management.  As a company, PHD Weight Loss is honored to be recognized as the Gold Standard for sustainable weight loss in the areas they have been established, which includes Durango CO, Farmington NM, Asheville NC, and now Greenville SC. In addition, they serve hundreds of clients Nationwide through their sophisticated At-Home Program.   Their statistics show great success with 95% of PHD clients achieving their Optimal Weight and 85% of clients who participate in PHD’s free long-term maintenance program maintaining their weight loss within 3lbs. 


The current weight loss and wellness industry is so loud, however PHD Weight Loss stands apart because they take a different approach in that they:


  • Utilize whole foods and customized & dynamic plans,
  • Provide weekly one on one coaching, behavioral work, and nutrition education,  
  • Take an addiction recovery perspective,
  • Are supported by an Advisory board of physicians and PhDs in psychology,
  • Provide client oversight by Dr. Ashley Lucas, PhD, RD herself,
  • Attack the Visceral Fat to allow for sustainable change,
  • Provide a Free Lifetime Maintenance Program,
  • And most importantly, understand that weight gain isn’t a person’s fault. They cultivate a culture of NO shame and NO guilt while understanding that weight gain isn’t a flaw in personality or a lack in discipline. The body is much more complicated than calories in and out. 



In general, PHD implements a multi-dimensional approach to weight loss; it is not a superficial weight loss program. They are a scientifically based program using evidence-based principles. They focus on creating a metabolic shift in the body without the use of hormones, pills, shots, drops, supplements or severe caloric restriction. They focus on fully collapsing the metabolically-active visceral fat (belly fat), which causes heart disease, diabetes, inflammation and weight gain. They rely on several metabolic indicators such as Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Visceral Fat and Metabolic Age to determine when the body has achieved a weight that is actually maintainable. Their clients then move on to enjoying a structured, comprehensive and free-for-life maintenance program. 




PHD supports a holistic approach understanding that it’s not just about what and when we eat, but even more so how we think and feel. Thus, in addition to creating a metabolic shift in the body, they also specialize in behavior change and addiction recovery. They offer weekly nutrition counseling, nutrition education, cognitive behavioral work, and audio sessions that facilitate new neural connections in the brain to make behavior change possible. Their coaches are intensively trained using motivational interviewing principles so they can guide their clients’ innate ability to create change within themselves, resulting in a sense of empowerment and permanent transformation. PHD coaches are experts in the field.  They are certified in the PHD approach, and are also certified nutritionists, certified life and health coaches, addiction recovery specialists and more.

Most importantly, the PHD lifestyle “sticks”. Their Maintenance Recovery program consists of free continued coaching, support and accountability.  They never abandon their clients, understanding that maintenance is where the majority of work is to be done!  If at any point, their client goes up in weight, PHD will help the client correct the situation before it escalates.


Letting go of old habits and addictions is never easy, but at PHD they make it easier and more certain. Dr. Lucas likes to say, “The secret ingredient to you succeeding in your personal weight loss efforts is no different than the success of any professional athlete. That secret ingredient is for your desire to change to be greater than your desire to stay the same.  As long as you bring that with you, we can help you with the rest.”

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