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Community Matters: Selling Through the Pandemic

Date: September 15, 2020
Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am
Contact: Megan Campbell
Phone: 864.239.3745

Introducing: Community Matters

As your business solutions provider, we want to bring you the most helpful and relevant information to assist you, your organization and your employees. We are introducing a virtual webinar series to help keep you connected to the latest tools & information as we all navigate this unprecedented time together and steer our community into the future.

Selling Through the Pandemic

It can be difficult to continue to sell during a downturn. We want to bring you the resources you need to continue to succeed through COVID-19. We are bringing in Gary Stancell, an expert with Sandler Training, to give you access to the tips and tools you need to continue your sales success during these unprecedented times. 

There are key strategies and practices, that cross most industries, we can embrace that will shepherd us through this uncertainty.   


A few of the topics we will cover:

All Crisis is Temporary

Success Triangle:




Professional and personal adjustments we can implement or maintain related to Attitude, Behavior and Technique that will have a marked improvement in your performance.


Gary Stancell

Gary Stancell, owner of Stancell ENT, has over 20 years of sales industry experience with more than 15 years at various levels of sales management, sales training and leadership development. He has been the winner of multiple awards including several president’s clubs in both in a sales and leadership role. Gary is a native of Upstate SC and a proud veteran of the US Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. Following a few job relocations around the country, Gary and his wife Crystal now live on a farm in Pickens County.

Stancell Enterprises is an authorized licensee of Sandler Training. Sandler was recently named the #1 training company in America by Entrepreneur Magazine. Sandler Training is a world leader in sales and sales management training with a network of 275 Sandler training centers in 31 countries around the world. 



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