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Frequently Asked Questions

What is work-based learning?

Work-based learning programs provide internships, mentoring, workplace simulations, and apprenticeships to complement classroom-based study.

In what fields or occupational areas are LaunchGVL internships offered?

Our goal is to have work-based learning experiences in each of Greenville’s high-demand employment sectors in businesses of all sizes. Internship opportunities range from professional services to production.

When are LaunchGVL internships offered, and what is the length of an internship?

Internships take place during the summer (June–July), fall (October–December), or spring (February–April). Most summer internships last for 8 weeks, with full-time (40 hours) or part-time (20 hours) positions. Interns usually work between 10 and 20 hours per week during fall or spring semesters to accommodate their class schedule.

What resources are available within the school district to assist businesses with the internship?

Greenville County Schools employs four Work-Based Learning Coordinators. The Work-Based Learning Coordinator works with businesses in a variety of occupational fields to provide students with career-based opportunities, ranging from classroom demonstrations and structured field visits, to job shadowing, internships, co-operative education and apprenticeships. The Work-Based Learning Coordinator serves as the liaison between the school site and the work site.

How are interns matched with opportunities?

The Work-Based Learning Coordinators will match interns with opportunities based on the relevant courses taken and/or the student’s expression of interest in a particular field or occupational area. Employers may elect to interview students for the internship or have the Work-Based Learning Coordinators match and assign students.

What are the general requirements for the supervision of an intern?

Although interns may support projects and tasks across divisions, each intern must be assigned a dedicated supervisor. Prior to the commencement of the internship, the supervisor will undergo a standard electronic background screening paid for and performed by Greenville County Schools. Supervisors should assign projects and tasks to the intern, monitor progress, and provide feedback.

What types of assignments are appropriate for interns?

The Work-Based Learning Coordinators can assist in developing a work plan for you and your student intern. This work plan is aligned with classes that the student is presently taking or has already completed. Each experience is unique and serves as an opportunity for the student to deeply explore career interests alongside professionals working in that occupation.


Ideally, supervisors will assign projects that can be completed within the timeframe of the internship. While other general administrative or other supportive work is appropriate, project-based assignments provide the most value for interns and participating businesses.   

For opportunities in skilled or technical fields, the intern should be able to use equipment similar to the equipment for which they have had classroom instruction. Supervisors must have safety plans and programs in place and provide interns with close supervision.


Are unpaid internship opportunities available?

LaunchGVL includes only paid opportunities. Paid internships increase the access of opportunity to a broader range of participants. Additionally, the National Association of Colleges and Employers Class of 2015 Student Survey indicates that students with paid internships are more likely to be offered jobs than their non-paid counterparts. Businesses also benefit from a broader and more diverse candidate pool when providing compensation for work opportunities. Businesses pay interns an average of $9-$10 hourly.

How old are the student interns?

Fall and spring student interns are high school juniors and seniors ages 16 and older. In the summer, student interns are rising juniors and seniors. For more information on youth employment, please reference the Employer’s Pocket Guide to Youth Employment from the US Department of Labor.

What about workers’ compensation and general liability insurance for the interns?

Because this is a paid internship, interns will be covered as employees under either worker’s compensation or the company’s general liability insurance. Intern supervisors should consult with their human resources divisions to make sure that the intern is covered as an employee by the carrier.

What if I cannot hire an intern at this time but would like to support the program?

Our goal is for all Greenville businesses to support work-based learning and hire interns. If you cannot hire an intern at this time, but would like to support LaunchGVL, we encourage you to contribute financially to the program. Contributions will be used to provide access for students who may otherwise be limited in their participation.

Are apprenticeships available through LaunchGVL?

Apprenticeships are encouraged by LaunchGVL. If you do not have a registered program, the Greenville Chamber and Greenville County Schools can connect you with the resources to establish and register your apprenticeship program. Through a registered apprenticeship program, you can receive tax deductions and be eligible for grant funding while investing in your future workforce.

Who is eligible for this program?

Students enrolled in GCS are eligible for this program, including charter school students enrolled in GCS Career Centers.

Please utilize the interest form to request information. For other inquiries, please contact Students should indicate their interest in internship opportunities using the form provided in the student section.