Now Recruiting for 2020
Now Recruiting for 2020
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Arts, Communication & Information Technology

Career opportunities in this cluster encompass designing, producing, writing and publishing multimedia content including visual arts, journalism, and entertainment services. Information Technology career opportunities in this cluster encompass design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia, and systems integration services.

Sample professions: graphic designer, reporter, IT professional

Coursework in this cluster provides students with knowledge and skills related to career opportunities in the Visual Arts, Audio Video Technology, Communication and Information Technology.


Animation G+

AP Art G+

AP Art History G+

AP Computer Science G+

AP English Language and Composition G+

AP English Literature and Composition G+

AP Music Theory G+

AP Studio Art 2-D Design G+

AP Studio Art 3-D Design G+

AP Studio Art Drawing G+

Computer Programming G+

Computer Science Principles G+

Digital Art & Design G+

Exploring Computer Science

Game Design and Development

Graphic Communications G+

Image Editing G+

Web Page Design G+