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Pleasant Valley Community Teen Center Renovation Project

By The Community Connectors of Leadership Greenville Class 46

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The mission of Pleasant Valley Connection (PVC) is to connect community residents, families, churches, businesses and other organizations in a coordinated effort to improve the education, health, well-being and community involvement of Greater Pleasant Valley residents and surrounding communities.


Mike’s Store 

“Everybody in Pleasant Valley went to Mike’s

Store. It was the hub of the community. When

people give directions today, they still say ‘Turn by

Mike’s Store’ even though the building has been the

Teen Center for many years.”

-- Leda Young, Executive Director of PVC

The story of the PVC Teen Center begins with Mike’s Store. The convenience store was once a thriving small business in Pleasant Valley. More importantly, it was the social center of the community – a place where residents could come together with one another to catch up on the latest neighborhood happenings and get away from stressors at work or home.

When Mike’s Store closed, the building sat vacant until a new idea took hold – one that would continue the legacy of Mike’s Store as a social hub and important getaway from the pressures of daily life for young people in the community. Mike’s Store was reimagined and repurposed into The PVC Teen Center.


New Teen Center

After many years of service, The PVC Teen Center seeks to reimagine itself once again in order to better provide a vibrant and safe facility for Pleasant Valley teens. The goal is to create a facility that acts as a social hub, provides a respite for academic studies, and meets the needs of future teen development programs created by the

staff of Pleasant Valley Connections.

Why is this important? A 2008 study conducted by The Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP) shows afterschool programs for youth: 

  • Can provide a host of positive benefits in several interrelated outcome areas—academic, social/emotional, prevention, and health and wellness
  • Can improve academic gains, especially in reading and math test scores
  • Can increase self-esteem and self-confidence in participants
  • Can have a positive impact on juvenile crime and help reduce pregnancies, teen sex, and boys’ marijuana use by occupying participants from the hours of 3pm to 6pm

To achieve these results, the facility must be renovated. In its current state, the PVC Teen Center does not meet the needs of today’s youth – computer systems are outdated, furniture is worn, the kitchen needs modernization, and a quiet area for studying and/or tutoring is nonexistent. As a result, teen participation in the program has dwindled.

To update and renovate the facility, the following plans are envisioned: 

  • Improve the curb appeal and outdoor spaces, encouraging Pleasant Valley teens to take pride in their center and use exterior spaces for recreation and programs
  • Address kitchen equipment needs and upgrade kitchen space, to provide meals and potentially cooking programs
  • Repaint the interior and replace outdated furniture to create a more welcoming environment – including modular tables and variable seating that can be used in multiple ways and cleaned easily
  • Modernize computer systems for academic and recreational use, including the addition of WiFi and charging ports
  • Create a dedicated space for academic studies/tutoring, removed from the commotion of social activities

In completing these renovations, teens in Pleasant Valley will have a place to go after school that will ensure personal growth and academic success and support them on their path of creating their own legacy in the community – just like Mike’s.

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If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause feel free to do so at the following link and under Leadership Greenville Class Projects and Scholarship Fun Donations click on the drop-down menu and select “Pleasant Valley Connection”. It’s that easy!



The Community Connectors of LG 46

  • Caroline Aneskievich
  • Sarah Arbogast
  • Brett Caldwell
  • Matthew Couvillion
  • Chandler Cox
  • McNeill Epps
  • Adam Feigl
  • Lee Hunt
  • Matt Irwin
  • Alan Jones
  • Charlene Jones
  • Nicole McAden
  • Matthew Owings
  • Andrew Parker
  • Patrick Ratliff
  • Sarah Shoemaker
  • Taylor Speer
  • Nikki Stafford
  • Brett Sterbini
  • Alecia Watt
  • Michael Weeks

For more information contact:

Project Leader: Sarah Arbogast |

Fundraising: Matt Irwin |

Community Outreach: Nicole McAden |

Marketing: Sarah Shoemaker |

Operations: Brett Caldwell |

                      Andrew Parker |


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