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Economic Competitiveness

The Greenville Chamber is dedicated to accelerating economic prosperity by focusing on the unique mix of people, places and products that define Greenville. By understanding how we can better leverage those resources, Greenville’s leaders can craft compelling visions and effective strategies that will propel the region to new levels of success. The Chamber accomplishes this by focusing on several interrelated strategies.


Greenville is well known for collaborating with partners to see the big picture and develop our region progressively. Our economic development allies include:

City of Greenville
Greenville Area Development Corporation
Upstate Chamber Coalition Chambers


Keeping Businesses Informed of Rules & Regulations

Our business landscape is always evolving. New and changing rules and regulations are not always easy to follow. The Chamber stays up-to-date on these and strives to make sure our Investors are informed and have the resources and strategies they need to be compliant.

Industry-Specific Roundtables

Our Economic Competitiveness department invites peers from specific industries to roundtable discussions to learn from each other as well as to stay informed of the issues facing different sectors of our economy.

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