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Greenville Chamber Board Passes Resolution in Support of Downtown Projects

Published Friday, January 17, 2020
by Jason Zacher



WHEREAS, if Greenville is to successfully improve the standard of living for its citizens through economic development and job creation to compete in a global economy, our city and county leaders must work together on forward-thinking projects; and 

WHEREAS, 220,000 new residents and 108,000 new jobs in Greenville County will require new, dense development in our nationally recognized urban center, or we will allow sprawl to damage our quality of life; and

WHEREAS, two major transformative projects hang in the balance of conflict between the Greenville City Council and the Greenville County Council; and

WHEREAS, our community is at a critical juncture, with serious infrastructure, housing, and workforce development challenges that we must overcome if we are to continue to build our community’s prosperity; and

WHEREAS, the University Ridge redevelopment offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform a government asset into a community asset that will complement the dynamic growth of Downtown Greenville; and

WHEREAS, a new County Square will be a thriving anchor on the Southern end of Downtown to match the amazing Main Street already created; and

WHEREAS, the Chamber sees a major new commercial and residential development that compliments the new Unity Park less than a mile away, adding two new jewels of downtown to our other public-private success stories: Fluor Field, the new South Carolina Children’s Theater, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, the Peace Center, the Camperdown project, and NoMa Square; and

WHEREAS, the proposed conference center would capitalize on our natural beauty, Unity Park, and builds our reputation as one of the nation’s best cities by bringing tens of thousands of new people to Greenville for conferences and conventions – all of which will plant the seeds for future economic growth; and   

WHEREAS, collectively, these projects will be worth nearly $1.5 billion to the Greenville economy; and

WHEREAS, the University Ridge project alone is expected to create more than 5,000 permanent jobs and more than 7,500 construction jobs; and

WHEREAS, the University Ridge redevelopment will add nearly three million square feet of new, Class A office space, which will be a critical component in our region’s drive to recruit new headquarters jobs to the region; and

WHEREAS, the death of both projects will have far-reaching negative consequences for development in our County for decades to come; and

WHEREAS, the “Greenville Way” is about partnering, bridging differences, and solving problems where the community wins; and

WHEREAS, the Greenville Chamber urges both the Greenville City Council and the Greenville County Council to work together and fully recognize the long-term benefits of the University Ridge redevelopment and the Downtown Conference Center; and

WHEREAS, we urge our political leadership to focus on creating paths forward to completing these transformative projects; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Directors of the Greenville Chamber on this 16th Day of January 2020, commends Greenville’s leadership on these bold development plans and pledges our support to see them to completion.


Richard Hagins, Chairman of the Board
January 16, 2020

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