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Greenville’s private sector-fueled economic development initiative announced the new direction, outlining a bold vision for Greenville’s future

Published Thursday, October 8, 2020 3:23 pm

(Greenville, SC) The Greenville Chamber announced the new direction for its economic development program, Accelerate, outlining aspirational goals for the Greenville region.

Accelerate is Greenville’s private sector-fueled economic development initiative. Accelerate launched in 2009 with a goal of increasing per capita personal income in Greenville and has been the driving force behind many of the region’s most impactful initiatives such as NEXT, Minority Business Accelerator, LaunchGVL, and a host of other transformative projects. 

At the Accelerate Shareholder Update, Accelerate leadership announced the new direction for the initiative, outlining a bold vision for the future. The pillar strategies for Accelerate 3.0: “Growing a Greater Greenville,” a five-year economic development plan, include the following:

  1. Increasing educational attainment for working age adults.
  2. Delivering 21st century talent and workforce.
  3. Driving entrepreneurial ecosystem growth.
  4. Informing and influencing community decisions with robust economic data.

“This new direction will provide a North Star for mobilizing our community around growing a greater Greenville,” said Carlos Phillips, Greenville Chamber President/CEO. “We recognize the significant impact that Accelerate has had in building Greenville’s economy, but what got us here will not get us where we need to go next. With our business community’s support, this new strategy will usher in another decade of vibrant growth and prosperity for the Greenville region.” 

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You can find a recording of the Accelerate Shareholder Update here:


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