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Business and Industry in Greenville PAC

The Business and Industry in Greenville PAC (BIGPAC) is an independent, non-partisan political action committee focused on the promoting the Greenville business community and state legislation affecting business. BIGPAC is not a subsidiary of any national or state political action committee. It operates in strict conformity with South Carolina’s ethics laws.

What does BIGPAC do?
BIGPAC provides individuals and companies an effective means for involvement in the political process. BIGPAC provides support to selected candidates in the Greenville Legislative Delegation and statewide offices. BIGPAC is not a federal PAC and is prohibited by by-laws from contributing to local races (city or county council).

Who runs it?
A diverse group of Greenville business leaders run BIGPAC and make all decisions about contributions.

Who receives funds?
BIGPAC’s Board of Directors meets to determine the candidates who will receive contributions based on several factors, including their support of the Greenville business community, positions on key issues, and in the case of incumbents, voting record. Candidate recommendations by BIGPAC members are encouraged and transmitted through Directors.

Why should I give to BIGPAC?

  • You can be a part of a team that speaks with a single, powerful voice on the issues that promote business in Greenville.
  • If Greenville’s business interests are not represented in the ongoing legislative process, we will be left out.
  • To protect business interests from outside attacks from anti-business groups.
  • To make a strong investment in the local business community.

For more information on how to contribute, email us at

Special Thanks to these BIGPAC Contributors

Chairman’s Circle

Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative

Greenville Health System

Business Leader

Bannister, Wyatt & Stalvey

Business Champions

Randy Bell

Roe, Cassidy, Coates & Price

Ambassador David Wilkins

Business Advocate

James Akers Jr.

Godshall & Godshall

Phillip Kilgore

Seabrook Marchant

Tim Reed

Michael Riordan

Cheryl Taylor


Dr. Keith Miller

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